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If you're a parent of a dancer you probably know this well. Your dancer probably never, well, stops dancing. Some parents may not like this and think that it is bad, that their child is obsessed with dance. We would like to assure you there is no harm in a dancer with passion and love for their art!

In a grand jeté the initiating leg is thrown to 90º which is immediately followed by a similar throwing of the supporting leg, thus creating the image of an arabesque or attitude suspended in mid-air. Dancers work hard to achieve this full split in mid-air and it is very much a "wow" leap when the split is achieved. Some dancers can even get an over split when they do a grand jeté taking that wow factor up a

Come join us this summer at Capitol City Dance Academy, the newest professional boutique dance training facility in Sacramento. We offer dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary. Our summer session offers a full schedule of classes in all levels of dance from beginning to advanced dancers. Also, you can now pre-enrollment for our fall/winter session. Pre-enroll and receive $15 off tuition.

The Vaganova method is a method of teaching classical ballet that was developed by Agrippina Vaganova over one hundred years ago as an effort to reform the old imperial style of ballet teaching practiced in Russia at that time. This method fused the romantic style of the French ballet and dramatic soulfulness of the Russian character with the athletic virtuosity that characterizes the Italian school.

Dress code is one of those things that you may love to hate. It might seem boring to have to wear the same color leotard every time to you take class. Or perhaps having your hair pulled back into a tight bun secured by a zillion bobby pins has been driving you insane. Maybe the rule of "no jewelry" in class is beyond annoying. Take it from us, we know, we've been there! The thing is when it

The number one issue dancers face as they start to dance more and more is staying motivated. When Monday morning comes around you might find yourself dreading ballet like you dread math class. In class, you may become frustrated, you may start to goof off and not take class as serious has you once had. This is when you lose focus and sight of why you started dancing in the first place.Whether it was your Mom who put you in ballet class at age 4, now you're