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When Times Get Tough, Continue Working

There are times where dancers will hit a wall. They get frustrated because they are working hard and feel like they are not seeing results. It is important to understand that dance is unlike anything else one could be doing. It is athletic and artistic and those two together make it extremely difficult. Dancers in the early stages take years to see solid results, and this does not mean they are progressing slow, in fact this is very normal. Many dancers in the Beginning stages will spend 2 years at the Beginning level and the reason for this is because dance is not easy, it is very hard. At the start the dancer needs to train their body to do new things, muscles need to learn new ways to move and they also need to remember what they have learned. At the Beginning levels it is all about repetition, repetition, repetition. As the dancer gets better they muscles remember what to do and things will become second nature. The dancer has to remember to continue to work even when times seem hopeless, it is getting through that difficult time that will build character and truly reward the dancer with an added skill.

Dance makes you work hard, and it’s the hard workers who succeed and become great. So, remember to push through, keep working, and focus on what you want out of dance. Never give up and continue to work, in time, you will get there.

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