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Don’t Walk, Dance!

If you’re a parent of a dancer you probably know this well. Your dancer probably never, well, stops dancing. Some parents may not like this and think that it is bad, that their child is obsessed with dance. We would like to assure you there is no harm in a dancer with passion and love for their art! We would like to remind you to celebrate their joy for dance, encourage them to dance down the isles at the grocery store, and to remember the moments now when all they wanted to do was dance.

Dancer’s who can’t get enough have sometime inside them, they have that fire and it’s important to not let that fire burn out. Passion for something is a wonderful thing that some people search for, if your child has that passion for dance then support them. Let them dream big, help them reach their goals.

Here are some fun facts about children who dance:

  • Children who dance do better in school
  • Children who dance have better memory
  • Children who dance are less likely to try drugs or alcohol
  • Children who dance are less likely to become a teen Mom
  • Children who dance score higher on physical fitness tests
  • Children who dance are better socialized than kids who do not
  • Children who dance have higher self-esteem

So, if your child is dancing all over your house, dancing through the grocery store, dancing at the park it might be time to consider dance lessons for your child.

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