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Great Ways To Stay Motivated To Dance

The number one issue dancers face as they start to dance more and more is staying motivated. When Monday morning comes around you might find yourself dreading ballet like you dread math class. In class, you may become frustrated, you may start to goof off and not take class as serious has you once had. This is when you lose focus and sight of why you started dancing in the first place.Whether it was your Mom who put you in ballet class at age 4, now you’re 14 and you’re still going strong. Dance can become a love/hate but we always have to remember why we love it! So, with that said, how do we prevent loss of motivate and eventual burnout? Here are some tips to help you weather the storm.

Great Tips To Motivate You in Your Dancing

Β Go See A Show

Get yourself out there and go see your local ballet company perform, check out what free shows are showing in your city/town and get tickets. If you can’t get to a show then check out Netflix or Amazon for dance movies, there are tons! You can even buy performances online in DVD format and watch them from the comfort of your own living room. After all, not everyone can get to NYC to see American Ballet Theater. Also, check out YouTube, there are many videos on there of dance classes from various master instructors and different dance schools. Sometimes watching other dancers dance is very inspirational and can get that inner fire going again.

Have Other Hobbies!

This is so important, while we do want to have focus and priorities, we can’t just eat sleep and breathe one thing in our life. Life is about many things family, friends, new experiences, traveling, enjoying life! Even if it is something as little as listening to music on your phone between classes, or reading a magazine, or binge watching your favorite TV shows. Just remember to keep dance in mind when you’re doing other hobbies. You don’t want to put yourself at risk of an injury because you decided to do something crazy.

Do Yoga or Get a Massage

If you’ve never done Yoga let me just say that you most definitely should! Yoga is a dancers best friend! It can help you with your dancing in so many ways and also detoxify your body. We consider this to be treating yourself to something great. Your body, mind, and overall well being is so critical as a dancer, which is why it is important to stay balanced. If you find yourself with free time in-between classes, ask some of your fellow dancers to start a massage circle. This will relax you before dance and it’s great for your body.


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