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The Best Age For My Child To Start Dance

Children’s dance education can begin as early as the age of two at some studios; however, we prefer to start kids off at age three.  We feel this is when the child has their motor skills down and are able to participate in a dance class. Our Ballet Preparatory Division begins with Ballet Prep I ages 3-4 and focuses on the ability to follow directions, respect for authority figures, peer cooperation, self confidence and overcoming fears as well as basic motor skills and mind/body awareness, musicality and rhythm, imaginative thinking skills, and focus. Since this is usually the child’s first experience in a ballet class, we work first in the center, warming up their bodies with simple stretches and strengthening exercises.

Our Ballet Preparatory Division is focused strictly on ballet and has three parts Ballet Prep I ages 3-4, Ballet Prep II ages 5-6, and Ballet Prep III ages 7-9. This preparatory division prepares the child to enter our Ballet Academic Division at age 10. By the time they complete the preparatory division they are ready mentally and physically to enter the academic division where they will start to study more intensely the classical art of ballet. By this time they will know ballet terminology, have the flexibility, discipline, and endurance to handle a 90 min ballet class.

Another great thing to start your child off in is a ballet/tap combo class. We offer these classes for kids who want to do both ballet and tap. These classes will give them the opportunity to learn basic ballet positions and steps as well as basic tap moves. This is great for high energy kids who would benefit from two different styles in one class. It helps to break up the focus and keep them interested. Combo classes are only offered up to age 6. After this time if the child likes both they are able to take these classes independently, but not during the same hour.

For us it is very important that children are learning the proper techniques at an early age. Children are like sponges, and they are eager to learn. However, bad habits can easily form during these early years of dancing. Which is why a proper formal dance education is critical in these formative years.

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