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The Importance Of Following Dress Code

Dress code is one of those things that you may love to hate. It might seem boring to have to wear the same color leotard every time to you take class. Or perhaps having your hair pulled back into a tight bun secured by a zillion bobby pins has been driving you insane. Maybe the rule of “no jewelry” in class is beyond annoying. Take it from us, we know, we’ve been there!

The truth of the matter is when it comes to ballet class, uniform is critical, and it is also tradition. As you probably already know Ballet is really old, and we are talking really old. People have been studying ballet since the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. So there you have it, ballet is freaking old! And guess what? With old comes tradition, and that is something that ballet schools and academies have worked hard to preserve over the years. Ballet is strongly about discipline and respect. When you follow your studio’s dress code you are following a long foundation of tradition. Dress codes are to ensure everyone looks uniform and put together as a group. Also, when uniforms are worn you can really focus on your technique, they teach you to be responsible. Wearing the wrong color leotard to class because you forgot to wash it, or you try to blame it on your Mom becasue she didn’t do your laundry will not get you a hall pass. As a dancer you have responsibility to follow your dress code and for ballet that includes: having your hair pulled back in a neat, tight bun, wearing your color leotard for your level, wear tights that are clean and free of holes, no jewelry (small erring studs are ok), and ballet flats with ribbons attached.

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