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Passion. Discipline. Dedication. Why you should choose to train at CCDA

CCDA focuses on training a technically sound and strong well rounded dancer. We believe dancers who have a strong ballet foundation can easily transition to other styles with ease. We pride ourselves on training these types of dancers while offering all styles under one roof. You can get it all at CCDA.

programs for everyone.
train in a positive and nurturing environment.

At CCDA we don’t just teach dance we teach respect and discipline. We expect our dancers to be kind to everyone and to respect their instructors and fellow students. Our studio is a safe haven for creative minds in a judgement free atmosphere. We have a no drama policy.

Ballet Programs
Preparatory and Academic Divisions

We offer two programs for our Ballet students, the Preparatory Division for ages 3-9, and the Academic Division for ages 10+. Our preparatory division builds a solid foundation for young dancers focusing on the basics of ballet. Dancers learn the core foundations to help with muscle memory and motor skills preparing them for the academic division. The Academic Division trains the dancers through various levels, each building on another to develop a pre-professional ballet dancer and the end of the program. Upper division dancers will get pointe work, variations, and partnering classes. Contact the studio for an evaluation class to place your dancer in the proper class for their level.

Pointe Work and Partnering

Our pointe work and partnering classes are by invitation only. Students wishing to go en pointe have to be mentally and physically ready. While this is a huge hallmark and dream for many young dancers, we do not put dancers en pointe based on age alone. This is something that is individual and done on a case by case basis depending on their skill level and commitment to ballet. Upper division dancers may be invited to take partnering classes and variations classes. These classes give the dancer the opportunity to learn skills that are necessary for dancers who wish to try to go the professional route or even dance seriously in college. For more information on pointe work please contact the studio director.

Contemporary and Lyrical

We teach Martha Graham fused Contemporary and Modern mixed with CCDA’s own take on this gorgeous style of dance. Contractions, focus on breath, working through the spine, extensive floor work that is grounded is what makes our contemporary exciting and different. With Lyrical we focus on solid ballet technique and then transition to free form movement where the dancer can connect strongly with the song they are dancing to. If you’ve ever though about giving this style a try, come on in and take a class.

Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theatre

Our Jazz classes focus on a fusion of LA and NY jazz emphasizing strong personality and technique. With our Tap we focus most on Broadway Tap, touching a bit on Rhythm Tap. Our musical theatre classes are fun and energetic pieces right out of your favorite Broadway Musicals!


Street Jazz and Hip-Hop

If you’re looking for a fun class that’s high energy then our Street Jazz and Hip-Hop classes are right up your alley. Our style of hip-hop blends street jazz with diva pop creating a nice fuse of both styles of urban dance. Come drop-in for a class and see for yourself!


summer intensive.
train your skills to the max.

Ages 12+ dancers who are intermediate to advanced can join us for our yearly July Summer Intensive where they will have an intense 4 weeks. Dancers will have classes Monday through Friday from 9AM to 7PM. They will have classes in ballet, pointe, partnering, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, musical theatre, character, acrobatics, and hip-hop. Our program is designed for dancers to advance quickly, fine tune technique, and expose them to other styles that they may not normally take during the year. Highly recommended for serious dancers and competitive dancers, also a great opportunity to maintain over the summer. Definitely join us for our yearly July Summer Intensive! Sign up in via the button below for our July 2018 SI session.


junior summer intensive
spend your days dancing.

Ages 8+ can spend half the day dancing with us from 9AM – 1PM for the entire month of July. This is a great day camp for your dancer to keep them dancing over the summer and stay in shape. Dancers will take classes in ballet, jazz, musical theatre, tap, and hip-hop. It’s a great program where dancers tend to get 6 months of dance in just one month. Highly recommended for serious dancers and competitive dancers. Definitely join us for our yearly July Summer Intensive! Sign up in via the button below for our July 2018 SI session.